Women’s Behavioral Medicine Services


Women’s Behavioral Medicine Services provide specialized treatment that is unique to women’s health care needs.  Informed by evidence-based practices, Dr. Kukla customizes and tailors her treatment interventions to exclusively address the sensitive medical issues that are unique to women.  Dr. Kukla is passionate and dedicated to delivering the highest quality of services to help women live healthier lives.  Some of the medical conditions and emotional difficulties that Dr. Kukla can help women with:


  •  Body image, eating, weight/obesity issues
  •  Breast cancer diagnosis (early and advanced stages)
  •  Chemo Brian: teaching cognitive remediation skills to increase focus, attention, & memory during and after chemotherapy treatment
  •  Chronic pelvic pain
  •  Emotional disorders during pregnancy (e.g., perinatal depression and anxiety)
  •  Gynecologic oncology
  •  Infertility issues
  •  Menopause/menopausal transition
  •  Postpartum depression and anxiety
  •  Pregnancy loss
  •  Reproductive health issues